Volvo's vehicles are more than performance and safety. They are also meant for comfort and connectivity. These are important factors when the driver and its occupants spend more time in the SUV than they do at their residence. It's the reason why the Volvo XC60 has the audio and technology needed.

Like other vehicles, it has an infotainment touchscreen display. However, this is a nine-inch version. In turn, there's greater access to hands-free phone via Bluetooth, navigation, and music. Speaking about audio, the high-performance system features 24 watts of power among several speakers throughout the vehicle. It provides clarity that other SUVs don't have.

To hear the difference and see the technology, you need to visit our local Volvo dealership. Once you get the lay of the SUV, ask a sales representative to take a test drive. The audio and technology, combined with performance, may make you drive on home that day.

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