At Volvo Cars of Monterey we like you to be informed about your vehicle's function so that you can keep it maintained properly. Do you know how disc brakes work? Let us break it down for you to help you better understand.

Disc Brake Function

Most modern cars have four spinning discs on each wheel along with calipers that squeeze together two metallic brake pads on each side of the spinning discs. Every time the driver presses on the brakes the pads are squeezed into the discs with great force causing the vehicle to stop. Brake pads and discs wear out over time, so it's important to have your vehicle inspected during every service to ensure that you have a sufficient amount of brake pad material for stopping effectively.

Volvo Cars of Monterey Services Brakes

?We are here in Seaside to fully inspect your brake system and replace any parts that may need to be updated.


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