Understanding how to safely jump start a car is an essential driving skill. You never know when a fellow Seaside driver will ask for a jump. Follow these tips from Volvo Cars of Monterey.

Determine your positive jumper cable. Its clamps will feature red, yellow or striped covers. Clamp your positive cable to the drained battery's positive terminal. Connect this cable's other end to your good battery's positive terminal. You must clamp your negative cable to your battery's negative terminal next.

Never attach the last negative clamp to the weakened battery's negative terminal. Sparks can fly, and hydrogen gas created by the battery can explode. For safety, attach the final clamp to a clean engine bolt that is not near moving parts. Now, you can start your car. Rev it for about 60 seconds before the other driver attempts starting their car. Trying several times without success may indicate the need for repairs or a battery replacement.


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