At Volvo Cars of Monterey in Seaside, CA, we know that safety considerations are always a top priority. The Volvo XC90, a popular luxury SUV, offers drivers a slew of helpful features designed to maintain a safe driving experience. We encourage you to take one of these vehicles for a spin to see what a Volvo XC90 can do for you.

The Lane Keeping Aid is just one of the many safety features of this vehicle. Digital camera technology is used to register lane markings on the road. If your car begins to drift too close to those markings, the car will steer back into the lane. When you inadvertently cross the lane markings, the car will vibrate and give a warning sound. This does not happen during intentional lane crossings.

Another helpful feature of the Volvo XC90 is the Blind Spot Information System. You'll be alerted with a light on the front door post when another vehicle enters your blind spot.

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