The Impressive Versatility of the Volvo V90

If the Volvo V90 has piqued your interest, we can help you learn more about this popular luxury wagon at Volvo Cars of Monterey. The V90 comes loaded with features that provide you with a versatile ride. Let's find out more about its versatility features below.

The graphical head-up display that's featured with the V90 lets you check vehicle stats while maintaining vision of the road ahead. The graphical image is displayed on the windshield and automatically adjusts when the outside lighting changes. This innovative feature also lets you choose personal preference settings for even more versatility.

Keyless Entry and Drive with a hands-free power tailgate comes with the V90. With the remote fob, you can remotely access the vehicle and start the engine. The hands-free power liftgate offers versatility with an adjustable height setting, and you can easily open the liftgate with the remote and a swipe of your foot under the motion sensor.



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