Sports wagons are some of the most practical vehicles in society today. These particular vehicles can handle a variety of driving tasks because they host plenty of seats for hauling around passengers, and they offer a range of enjoyable advanced technologies. The Volvo V60 Momentum is no exception to the rule and here is why.

The Volvo V60 Momentum comes equipped with a myriad of wonderful features, such as an integrated-roof rail as well as a charcoal-black finish. This sports wagon has a beautiful silhouette that's sleek and sexy. The signature lighting comes in LED form, and they have perfectly framed the V60 Momentum on both ends. Of course, Volvo's distinctive grille is still present at the front. The quad-exhaust system adds a bit of aggressiveness from the rear, and consumers can choose between 18-and 19-inch alloy wheels.

If you'd like to test drive this modern-day beast, then stop by and see us at our location as soon as possible.

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